Monday, July 11, 2016

Call For Submissions at Chicken Soup for the Soul

Cover of future book--stories needed

There are a number of deadline dates for stories to be submitted for Chicken Soup for the Soul books. July 31st seems to be the magic number for there are 5 of the anthologies that have this date for final submissions.

One more is August 1st, another on September 30th, and two on October 31st. You have some time for those September and October dates but the July 31st and August 1st are mere weeks away.

Here's a list of the books and deadline dates;

  • Blended Families  July 31
  • College Student Stories  July 31 (stories written by college students only)
  • Curvy and Condfident  July 31
  • Parent To Parent  July 31
  • Stories About Teachers and Teaching  July 31
  • Dreams and Synchronicities  August 1 (date was extended for this one)
  • The Spirit of Canada  August 31
  • Best Moms Ever!  September 30
  • Stories About Cats  October 31
  • Stories About Dogs  October 31
If you want to learn what the editors are seeking, go to this page at the Chicken Soup website. You'll find a detailed list for each book. You may even find some inspiration by reading their lists. 

Write something new or rewrite an old story that has never been published before. Start now, especially for those end of July and beginning of August dates.

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