Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Yes, I'm A Book Addict

I'm of the belief that writers' homes should be filled with books. Why? For several reasons.

1. We learn more about our own craft of writing by reading other writers.

2. We absorb a lot from reading the writing of others, even subconsciously.

3. We get inspired to write when reading other writers.

4. Most writers love to read--I know of only one who never read other peoples' writing.

5. Seeing other writers' success encourages us to persist in our own writing.

6. Even seeing a stack of books is food for the soul of a writer

What kind of books should you accumulate in your personal library?

1. Books on the craft of writing

2. Cookbooks--practical and fun and often necessary

3. Novels

4. Poetry

5. Nonfiction of subjects of interest

6. Coffee Table books

7. Childrens' books

8. Reference books (dictionary, thesaurus etc)

9. Spiritual or religious--as per your belief

I once had a friend who kept her home in pristine condition. When my other friends and I played bridge at her house, I was totally amazed that I did not see a magazine, a newspaper, or a book anywhere in her home. She could have put her house on the Parade of Homes in minutes. There were no bookshelves either. The shelves held things other than books. For me, the person who thrives on being surrounded by books, it gave me a creepy feeling. One day, I wondered what she thought when she came to my house, or to the homes of my other book-loving friends. She probably cringed at what she considered clutter--all those books stacked on shelves and tables throughout the house.

Yes, if you came to my home, you'd find bookcases in my office and guest bedroom. You'd see books on the nightstand in my bedroom, books on the dresser in the guest room. There would be several books on tables in the living room. And of course--a stack of magazines on the bottom of one end table by the sofa. A big stack! I do try to keep the stacks neat, not tossed around helter-skelter but I like having books around me. There is a comfort in them that is sometimes hard to describe. I feel the same way when I walk into my local library or a bookstore. Surrounded by hundreds of thousands of words printed in myriad books gives me a feeling of peace and joy like nothing else.

I guess I'm a book addict! Seems to me there are worse things that one could be. Those books I've read and collected over the years have been a great comfort to me through many a crisis period in my life. They offer an escape when life becomes a bit overwhelming, as it does for all of us at times. They offer entertainment, knowledge and delight. I don't mind being addicted to books. How about you?

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