Monday, June 13, 2016

A Writer's Memoir To Help Other Writers

           Tom Mach    

Since I've been posting about memoir writing recently, I'd like to feature a memoir written by an award winning writer who details his long and often-difficult journey as a writer. Tom Mach asked me to review his book for Amazon and GoodReads which I did just recently. Here is the review:

   In Persistence, Then Peace, a memoir aimed at writers, Tom Mach doesn’t sugarcoat his journey. His is an honest account of what appears to be a roller coaster ride as he moves from one area of writing to another, as he moves from one career job to another, as well, moving his mostly supportive wife and family around the country numerous times.
   When I read this memoir of a writer’s life, I felt as though the author and I were sitting across from one another at a table having a cup of coffee and a long chat. Mach’s writing style is informal and conversational.
    The early chapters deal with his growing-up years and may not have relevance for writers reading this book, but do stay with it. You’ll see how persistence pays off despite years of writing novels that never got published. You’ll learn that with each writing project, the author learned something more about the craft. You’ll find that writing advertising copy and commercials in his day jobs helped his writing career and helped him get articles published. He admits to mistakes made over the years—such as not rewriting some of the earlier novels and stories.
    After many years pursuing his love of writing, Mach wrote a trilogy of historical novels that required much research. He self-published and found satisfaction in the sales of the three novels and the multiple awards received.
    Those who are new writers or wannabe writers would benefit from this memoir. Instead of being discouraged over the long period of time Mach worked at his craft before finding a modem of success, the writer/reader should take heart in the persistence of the author, his patience and willingness to continue to learn the craft well and his constant growth as a writer. He recaps 10 life lessons learned, all of which would benefit other writers. Any writer/reader would also be impressed by the lengthy list of his publications, as well. Persistence did pay off as this author continued his passion for writing and achieved his own sense of peace.

Writers definitely benefit from reading about the journey of other writers. We look at what they achieved, how long it took to get there, what might benefit us as writers. Just as no two people are alike, neither are writers. We may all be writers but we are also individuals who approach life from different perspectives. When you read about Tom's long road to where he is today--an award winning writer--you might wonder how in the world he kept going for so long with so many obstacles. Passion for writing is a big part of the answer to that question. By the end of the book, one cannot help but admire this man who stayed with his dream of being a published author. We can all benefit from lessons he learned along the way. He lists the ten lessons toward the end  of the book. 

If you're interested, you can order the book here from Amazon. 


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