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Thursday, June 16, 2016

A Father's Day Writing Exercise

Father's Day week-end is coming up. Today, try this exercise. Use one or all of the three pictures below to write a poem, a fiction piece, a personal essay or a memoir piece. Write about the dad and son in each picture or choose just one picture. Make it anonymous or delve back into your own childhood memories of your father. 

I realized after I chose these photos that they are all of fathers and sons. You can turn one of them into a little girl if you like. Especially the first and last one. 

Another approach would be to use the photo prompt to write a letter to your own father to tell him what he means to you, to mark a memory, or to say what you wished you might have said if he is no longer living. 

What if you grew up without a father in your life? Many do. Write your story with the What if...? approach or write it from the missing a dad in my life point of view. You might even write about some other man who became a father figure to you.

There have been several Chicken Soup for the Soul books that have had the father-daughter or father-son theme. They bring us some powerful stories. Write one now for possible submission for the next father themed anthology that comes up. Or to submit to a magazine for Father's Day 2017. Write it and slip it into the card you give your dad if you're fortunate enough to still have him close by. 

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