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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Fifteen Questions That Reveal The Writer You Are

  Loretta Young

Some of you will wonder who the woman pictured here might be. A writer? No. A movie star from long ago? Yes.

Loretta Young starred in numerous films and, in the 1950's, she hosted a TV show. Each week, she came through a door into a living room setting wearing a gorgeous outfit. She introduced the half hour story that was to follow. That is all she did but her name alone brought viewers. That and some good stories.

One evening, in her introduction, she asked a question related to the story being shown. Who are you? She went on to suggest that each viewer list three things that described who they were. It was an interesting question and one I've thought about several times over the years. At that time, I was a college student, a daughter and a sister. Today's answers would be entirely different.

One of the things I am is a writer. If you're reading this post, then you are most likely a writer and would list it as one of the three things that describe you. Let's go a step farther and define the writer you are today.

Fifteen questions that will reveal the writer you are:

1.  Are you a full-time freelance writer or a part-time hobbyist writer?

2. Are you a newbie or a longtime writer?

3. Are you passionate about your writing on a daily basis or just sometimes?

4. Have you set goals for your writing journey or have you just let it happen?

5. Do you read books and articles that enhance your skills as a writer or skip them?

6. Do you attend conferences and workshops to increase your writing knowledge or pass on by?

7. Do you seek others to critique your work or rely on your own editing completely?

8. Do you try new forms of writing or stay with what you know best?

9. Do you meet deadlines easily or race to the finish?

10. Do rejections hurt your feelings to the point of misery or do you try to learn from them?

11. Do you check your work for good grammar and spelling or submit as is?

12. Do you search for new markets or stay with the ones where you have been successful?

13. Do you market yourself as a writer or just hope it happens by accident?

14. Do you offer to help other writers or tell them you're too busy?

15. Do you look for inspiration to write or wait until it finds you by accident?

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