Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Why Writers Are Willing To Travel Difficult Roads

Did anyone ever tell you that being a writer and getting published is a breeze? Did anyone ever say If Stephen King can do it, so can you and then smile and pat your hand? Did anyone ever laugh when you said writing is hard work? Did anyone ever ask when you were going to get a real job?

Those are merely a few of the problems writers encounter as they move through their writing journey. There are so many others. To name a few more:

  • looking for topics to write about'
  • finding inspiration
  • making time to write
  • organizing your writing life
  • making time for others in the rest of your life
  • learning the ins and outs of marketing your writing
  • selling yourself as well as your work
  • writing something new and different, not the same old, same old
  • forcing yourself to attend conferences if you're really an introvert
  • attempting to write in a genre you've never tried before
  • writing with clarity for your reader
  • being grammatically correct in all that you write
  • taking time to revise and edit before submitting
Yes, all the above are part of the difficult roads writers must traverse. And why do we keep moving along those roads, hitting bump after bump?

  • Simply because we are hoping to reach those beautiful destinations. 
  • We put up with all the problems, guff and turmoil because of the fact that we love to write. 
  • Putting words together for others to read brings pure pleasure despite the problem bubbles along the way. 
  • We have set goals for ourselves and we are willing to go down those difficult roads to meet them.
  • We have a passion for writing

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