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Thursday, April 14, 2016

Visit Your Local Library

This is National Library Week. Have you ever written a memoir piece or personal essay about the libraries in your life? Have you shared with your readers your first adventure at a library? Have you written a character study about a librarian who crossed your path? 

I have always considered the library my second home. One of the first things I do when moving to a new community is to visit the local library and get registered for a card.

Delve back into your memory bank during this Library celebration week and see what you find. Some trigger questions to help you:
  • Who took you to the library for the first time?
  • What did the librarian look like at your local library?
  • How did she interact with you? 
  • What did you think when you found yourself in a sea of books?
  • Did your school have a library?
  • Did you use the library for studying and doing homework?
  • Did you spend much time in your college library?
  • Did you continue using the library as an adult?
  • Did you introduce your own children to the joys of the library?
  • If you're a senior, do you still frequent the library?
  • Did you have any bad experiences at a library?
  • Do you have a truly treasured memory of a library experience?
Most of us use our local libraries but have been able to see some very special ones in our travels or just through photos like these below. No matter the beauty or the plain look of these library interiors, they all act as home to the treasure of books. 

Oxford University 

Pratt Free Library in Baltimore

Melk Abbey Library in Austria

Sir Duncan Rice Library Aberdeen, Scotland

Marin County California Library of yesteryear--just as special as those above

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