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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Photo Prompt Writing Exercise

How about trying a Photo Prompt exercise today? I love this picture. When I first saw it, my mind began to swirl with memories, thoughts, and hopes. Yes, hopes as I would love to be there with nothing needing my attention. 

Study the picture. Note the details. Ask yourself questions. Who lives here? Is it a house or an inn? Is it in a foreign country or our own? Who left the book open? And why? What is the weather outside that window? What kind of boats are in the distance? Why are you there?

Then start writing. Do a paragraph or several. Write a slice of life or a full story. Your choice. Make sure you use active verbs, sensory details, show rather than tell so that you bring some life to what you write.

Some writers say they can't be bothered with writing exercises; they consider them a waste of precious writing time. I think they miss something by never doing them. The old cliche of Practice makes perfect could be applied here. I've found that another benefit is that inspiration can burst forth through a writing exercise. Try it; you might like it. 

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