Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Just Released--A New Chicken Soup Book

Chicken Soup is releasing a new book today just in time for Mother's Day. This one has stories that have already been published in one of the other Chicken Soup books. The editors selected 101 of their favorites for this newest book. Read more about for mom, with love here.

One of my stories was chosen and that pleased me, of course. The title of my story is The Girls On The Bus. My mother never learned to drive, so when my dad passed away, she was forced to use the Senior bus in her community. She resisted using it but knew she had to give up as it was the only way she could get groceries or go to Walmart. She found the other older people on the bus a sad lot. And so she set about trying to change that. Before long, I often heard her say "The girls on the bus said...."  It seemed the perfect title for my story. 

Many of us have written stories about our mothers. Whether they are humorous, heartwarming or just plain hard to believe, these tales bring back memories and let us share our mothers with others. 

There is a call out now for stories for another book about mothers. The title of the book will be Best Mom Ever. Go to this page to find out what kind of stories the editors are looking for. It's the second one in a lengthy list of books in the planning stages. Check out the others, too. The deadline for this one is September 30th so you have plenty of time to write a story or even several. The more you submit, the greater your chances will be. 

I love the book covers Chicken Soup uses. They are colorful, eye-catching and have titles that call out to readers. The newest one, released this very day, would make a nice gift for your mom if you are lucky enough to still have her, or perhaps for a daughter or daughter-in-law who is a mother. 

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