Friday, March 4, 2016

Is There One Correct Way To Write?

This poster made me laugh and it also made me think that there is no one correct way to write. Some of the best writers write in an unorthodox way. That's alright. There is no Writing Sheriff or WBI (Writer's Bureau of Investigation) who will come knocking on your door in the middle of the night to haul you off to Writer Prison if you don't follow established rules.

Do read books about the craft of writing. Do attend workshops and conferences about writing. Learn what others suggest but don't be afraid to move away from normal and do it 'your way." You might have to search a bit harder for an editor willing to take a chance with a story or poem that doesn't fit into regular parameters. I sometimes see calls for submissions that specifically mention the editor is looking for something unusual. That's the market you want to pursue.

We hear frequently about the importance of voice for a writer. One way to attain your own specific voice is to step outside the box and write with passion and as you see it, not as a how-to book on writing might suggest. That doesn't mean that those of us who follow those how-to guidelines are wrong and will not find our voice. It can work either way. The important thing is to do it the way that is most comfortable for you.

If you write in an unusual way, be prepared to have a smaller audience. A lot of readers find it difficult to read an off-beat, away from the norm type of story, poem or essay. Even if your work speaks to fewer readers, it's fine. You might find that those readers will become faithful to your work. 

Do it by the book or do it your own way. Each of us must make that choice. We're all different personalities so we're going to look at this question from myriad viewpoints. Don't be afraid to try writing in a new way. You just might find the key to success.

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