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Friday, February 26, 2016

Anthology on Siblings Needs Stories

Two of my brothers and me in 1947

We read frequently about sibling rivalry but there's a lot more to having brothers and /or sisters. We may push one another aside trying to get mom or dad's attention. We might fight with them like combat troops at times but we'll also stick up for them when outside playing in the neighborhood. Siblings know when to fight and when to band together, when to love and when to show complete support for one another. They make us mad and they make us glad we have them. No matter what, they're family.

Sibling relationships are as complicated as any relationship can get but most of us would not trade those years we grew up with brothers or sisters. I had a cousin who was an only child. There were times I envied her for all the 'stuff' she had that I didn't. When we were adults, she told me that she envied me having three brothers. (#3 is not in the picture as he was not born until much later).

Being the oldest--the bossy older sister--I still feel protective of my three younger brothers, even though two of them are retired men collecting social security. I fret about their health problems. I am delighted when one of them calls me just to chat. I understand each one better than many people because I was there from the beginning. I know now why one brother was more protected by our parents, why another received harsher punishments than the others, and why one got away with more than the other two and me. It took years of living for me to figure it out.

Think of the stories we could write that involved our sibling relationships! Well, you can write those stories now for a new anthology that will be filled with stories about siblings.  Full guidelines here.

Reach into your memory bank to bring those early years with brothers or sisters to mind. Once you start thinking about them, I bet you'll find more and more possible topics to write about. The word count for these stories is quite high, (up to 4500) so you can write in more detail if you like. Send stories about your relationship with siblings in your adult years and even senior years, too. The range is vast.

I noted in the call for submissions that there was nothing mentioned about payment. You might want to email the editor to inquire about that. If payment is important to you, this might not be a place you want to submit to. If publication is your aim, and there is no payment, then you're good to go. It would have been helpful had what the payment or nonpayment policy is had been specified.

I have one story already written about my youngest sibling that might be worth submitting and I can think of a whole lot more. How about you? Start reminiscing and see what you come up with.

Brother #3 born when I was 16

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