Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Writers--Immerse Yourself In The Holidays of December

Yes, it's actually December and many of us will be working on Christmas stories. Write them now to submit for publication during the Christmas season of 2016. This goes for any Hanukkah or Kwanzaa stories, too. 

Write them now when the decorations, the smell of Christmas cookies in the oven, the special programs and church services all are an inspiration. It's ever so much easier to write that holiday story when you're immersed in all the trappings of the season. Sure, you can write a Christmas story in July using mental images and your memory bank but it will be far easier to do it this month. Put the story or poem in a file and let it sit for a few months.

Take it out next spring or early summer. Read it. Will you still like what you wrote in December 2015? Will you see places that need reworking? Will you want to add something? Or perhaps cut a whole paragraph? You'll see your story with different eyes. The frame is there and all you have to do is polish it.

Now, you're shaking your head and wondering why I'm suggesting you take time to write a holiday story during this busy month. Did you already forget the post of a couple days ago? Read it again and see if you can make some time for writing a Christmas story or two or.... 

The same goes for anyone who celebrates the other holidays of December. Write while the spirit of the celebration is with you.


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