Thursday, September 10, 2015

Chicken Soup Call For Submissions


I recently checked the Possible Book Topic page on the Chicken Soup for the Soul website and was pleasantly surprised to see 10 calls for submissions there.

This anthology series has been extremely popular for many years and it doesn't seem to diminish as the years go on. The more books that this publisher puts out, the more stories they recieve. Writers send stories but so do ordinary readers who feel they have a good story to tell. Do writers have an edge over the ordinary people? I tend to think they might. Their story might not be any better than some of the non-writers' stories, but they know how to present it in a more professional way perhaps.

As a result, the competition gets more intense with each passing year. I read in the foreward of one book that the editors had received more than 6,000 submissions. From that number, they must select 101 stories to put in the book. Do the math and you know how many disappointed people there were. But don't let that stop you from submitting. Yours could be one of the stories chosen. It's happened to me 17 times so I know it is possible for you, too.

Here are the books listed on the website along with deadline dates.On the webpage, each one has a paragraph or more to let the writer know what type of stories are being sought for a particular title. In looking at the list, it seemed to me that there is something for everyone. Check the list on the webpage carefully for suggestions and inspiration.

1. Alzheimers and Dementia Family Caregivers  10/30/15

2. Angels and Miracles  11.30/15

3. Blended Families  6.30/16

4. Dreams and Synchronocities 3/31/16

5. Military Families  11/30/15

6. My Very Good, My Very Bad Cat  9/27/15

7. My Very Good, My Very Bad Dog  9/27/15

8. Stories About Teachers and Teaching  6.30/16

9. The Joy of Less  10/30/15

10. The Spirit of America  11/30/15

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