Wednesday, September 30, 2015

About Your Writing Journey

Many writers feel like they are in a constant competition with other writers. I prefer to think of writers as being on a journey from the first time they wrote something to this present day. I, too, like to see writers happy and experiencing success on their long writing path.

You start the writing journey with that first piece you wrote. Maybe it was a special high school essay. Or it might have been a story written by you, the fourth grader. That first real writing that marked you as a writer might not have occurred until well into your adult years. It doesn't matter when it happened. What is important is that you took the first steps on your writing journey. 

If it made you happy, that's wonderful. If you found success, even better. But from those first timid steps on the writing path to today has been a time filled with so many markers. Look at some of them
  • that first published piece
  • the reams of paper you've used when you wrote by hand or printed your computer copy
  • the inspiration received from everyday pieces of life
  • earning writing rewards
  • accumulating a readership that continues to grow
  • the writing conferences attended
  • the workshops taught as a published writer
  • fan mail
  • writing better over the years
  • gaining confidence in your own writing ability
  • book signings
  • interviews 
 Some of you have experienced all of the markers above and others can check only a few. Do you see
the end of your writing journey? I certainly hope not. I have a strong desire to see my own writing journey continue until they put me in a casket and say some nice words at my grave site. God willing, that's the way it will be. 

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