Tuesday, September 22, 2015

A New Short Story Anthology--Free For A Short Time

Sonny collins belongs to the Kansas Writers Association (KWA). He sent an invitation to submit short stories for an anthology he hoped to publish. I am one of the 18 authors featured in the book. I have never met Sonny personally but we are facebook friends through the KWA. 

You can have the ebook version free today and through this Friday, September 25th. Look for it here and click on the Buy link to be sent to your own ereader or pc. The price is $0.00 these four days but will go to $3 for the ebook and $10 for the print version after that. Read my interview with Sonny Collins below to get more info on the book. I have not read it yet so cannot give a review but hope to do so in the near future.


Me: How did you get the idea for By Invitation Only?

Sonny: I decided to do a collection of short stories to help people who haven't had a chance at getting published the opportunity to do so without having to enter a contest or being rejected.

Me:  How did you decide whom to invite to submit stories?

Sonny:  I decided to just invite people from my 3 facebook pages, but I did tell them they could invite others as well. It was pretty much open to anyone who wished to submit a story.

Me:  Why didn't you open it to everyone to submit? 

Sonny:  I figured there would be enough responses from my facebook pages to have a decent sized book.

Me:  Were you pleased with the quality of the stories?

Sonny:  I was a bit nervous about this, but in the end, I think all the stories represented the best the authors had to offer and it gives a variety of styles and genres. 

Me:  What genres are the stories in the book?

Sonny:  Seems like we got a bit of everything, but I did notice most of them leaned toward the sentimental.

Me:  What is your own writing background?

Sonny:  I studied to be an English teacher in college, but life took me an entirely different direction--restaurant management for 26 years. It was only about ten years ago I decided to delve into the writing business and with mostly lucky circumstances, I was able to launch out and now have about fifteen books published.

Me:  What will the ebook and print book cost after the week of free ebooks?

Sonny:  The ebook will be $3 and the print book $10 at Lulu Press.

Me:  Have you compiled other anthologies?

Sonny:  I have done this before for KWA-Kansas Writers Assoication--a short story collection called "The Big and Small of Us All" and a poetry collection called "When Words Bloom" that can both be found as ebooks at Amazon or or print books at Lulu Press.

Me:  Are all the authors of "By Invitation Only" from Kansas?

Sonny:  Most of the authors are from Kansas, but at least two are from Oklahoma, that I know of. 

Sonny concludes with this:  Thanks for a chance to let people know about this book. And one question not asked, but I think some would like to know--all profits from all three of the books mentioned goes to KWA (a nonprofit organization) that nurtures and encourages writers from pro to beginner. 

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