Monday, September 28, 2015

A Little Time Away From Home

Riverchase Galleria - Hoover, AL, United States. Waiting by a gigantic flower

I'm later than usual today in posting as we are traveling. We met three couples who have been friends of ours for many years to spend a few days together. This is an annual event. The men play golf and the women shop, go to museums or whatever other attractions there might be. The place we meet is selected by whoever is the host couple. This year, we are in Birmingham, Alabama--Hoover to be exact which is a suburb that is home to the Galleria area.

We arrived yesterday and have been talking nonstop ever since. Even though we keep in touch via facebook, email and occasional phone calls, there is never a lack of conversation. The one thing we cannot control at these outings is the weather. This morning it showered off and on but didn't keep the men off the golf course. Tomorrow looks like thunderstorms and heavier rain so that might change the plan a bit. Or it could pass right on by. Now, that's the optimistic golfers prediction.

We four women went to the Galleria Mall and did some looking and shopping, lunch at a California Pizza Kitchen. I hadn't been to one in many years, and I was pleased to find they are still quite good.

I interacted with many people in the shops and restaurant today. It's those everyday people we meet who can become characters in our stories someday. Don't count out the butcher you frequent, or the clerk at Walgreen's, or the pharmacist at Target. If any of them particularly impress you, make notes. You might be able to use them someday.

I'm being called to a gathering of the eight of us for snacks and drinks and more chatter. Later, we'll go to dinner somewhere nearby and then watch the Packers football game on TV, or at least the last half.  More tomorrow on activities in Birmingham.

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