Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Writing About Smells, Scents, and Aromas

Hold your nose when something stinks! Inhale deeply of a scent that is pleasing. Smell is one of the sensory details we should include in our writing. It's something your readers can relate to--both the good aromas and the nasty ones. 

Try writing a paragraph or few sentences using some, or all, of the items listed below. They're meant to trigger your memory. Some might bring back a full story while others may be only a shred of a memory for you, or perhaps none at all. Show the smell rather than tell if you can.

1. the food you hate the most

2. hot apple pie

3. a fresh cut Christmas tree

4. an outhouse

5.newly made popcorn

6. school paste

7. ink

8. roses

9. bubble gum

10. a baby's diaper

11. a turkey roasting

12. burning leaves

13. cooked cabbage

14. bleach

15. gasoline

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