Friday, August 7, 2015

Writers Give So Much To Readers

If you love to read as much as I do, then you'll agree with today's poster. We can sit in our living rooms, on the beach or in our beds and be taken on fairy wings to somewhere in the past or the distant future. While reading a book, we are allowed to experience myriad emotions of others. We have the ability to go on an adventure and  learn what it's like to sail an ocean, fly in a helicopter, go on a safari or be a pioneer. We might  even find the answers to our own problems while reading a book.

Yes, as readers we go through many doors to places beyond our wildest dreams when it comes to our own lives. Most avid readers began the magic journey as children and have continued right on to adulthood.

But what if you're the writer of the books that transport readers to other worlds? Power-hungry people have no idea what command and authority lies in the hands of a writer. If they did, we'd have many more writers than we do now.

Of course, it goes without saying that the writer must offer an entertaining and well-written book. If so, the writer should bask in the joy of creating a little magic in the lives of their readers.

I think this idea extends to shorter pieces as well as books. The writer who pens a superb memoir piece or a personal essay that does that reach out and touch someone commercial proud can also be pleased with what they give to their readers.

Writers who write for children's magazines or produce full books for kids start the magic ride for so many children. A few weeks ago, I wrote a post on the wonderful children's book series many of us devoured as kids. What a great service the authors of those books gave to us.

If you are a writer, be proud of what you have given to your readers. Be happy that you were allowed to enter the lives of so many others through the words you've written. Be inspired to keep on writing to bring more magic to readers.

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