Monday, June 29, 2015

Meet Some Real People Who Have A Common Bond

Elaine--New York
Em--South Africa
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    Em--South Africa                                                                                  
Joyce--South Carolina


Miho--South Carolina
Wanda--Kansas (deceased)


What do you suppose these people have in common? They are all ages. They live in different states and countries. They all look like someone you might pass in the grocery store aisle. 

Each one is a writer. I know them all personally and can assure you that they are all very normal human beings. But each one has a passion for writing. Three are poets. Two wrote wonderful memoir pieces. Two are fiction writers. One writes personal essays. One blogs about life as seen through her eyes. One writes nonfiction books. One is deceased but her writing lives on.

All of them have a personal life, too. One that reads much like yours or mine. Some have jobs; some are retired; some try to make a living with their writing, some are hobbyist writers like me. They have spouses, parents, siblings, friends--just like you. 

The point of all this is that writers are real people. They don't sit on a pedestal between writing sessiosn waiting to be admired. Not at all. Instead, they do laundry, go to concerts, do yardwork, get groceries, and clean the house. 

I am proud to know each of these real people.

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