Thursday, May 28, 2015

How Common Is Trouble In Writing?

Do you want to bang your head against a wall or your keyboard when whatever you're writing doesn't gel right away? Does your writing leave you feeling frustrated, angry, or disgusted? Guess what? You're not alone.

What Joseph Heller, a satirical novelist, said is right on. All writers encounter trouble when writing at some time or other. It may seem to you that there is little balance to it, that encountering trouble when writing sits on the heavy side of the scales.

I think it feels that way because, when we can sit down and dash off a great story with ease, we don't think much about it. I'm a writer. This is how it is suppose to happen. It's what our inner self might say. But when the story doesn't come together the first time around, or second, or third, then we feel burdened in our chosen profession.

Those who don't write might wonder why in the world, then, do writers continue to write if it gives so much trouble. Why not just quit?

Only the writer knows the satisfaction achieved when a story finally stops giving trouble and feels just right. Only the writer knows the desire someone in their field has to create a readable piece. Only the writer knows the passion within that drives the writer to continue writing, despite the trouble it might be.

Yep, we might have trouble writing a good deal of the time but it's what we've chosen to do, so we keep on putting words together until they make sense and we are satisfied. Maybe it all comes down to this: You have to love writing enough to stay with it despite the trouble you often encounter.


  1. Outstanding! we love the pieces that come relatively easy, but those others can be a real challenge. Oh, what satisfaction we feel when they finally do come together.

  2. Love this post. There's only one way to become a published author. Keep that BIC. :-)

    1. Yep--the BIC is darned good advice. More writers should take heed! :)