Monday, May 4, 2015

An Opportunity To Share Your Memories

My friend, Tom Mach, is looking for some memories. Yours! Tom's website, appropriately titled Memories Are Forever, features a new story every month. He's putting out a call for submissions for all writers and those who aren't writers but have memories to share.

The featured story may very well also end up being published in print in the The Kaw Valley Senior Monthly newspaper which is distributed in the Topeka and Lawrence, KS area. My story Memories of My Chicago Childhood appears in both places this month. There is no pay involved but it is an opportunity to be published, both online and in print. All stories are not accepted. The editor will make the decision as to which stories will be featured.

Go to the home page of the Memories Are Forever website to get an idea of what Tom is looking for. The submission guidelines are found on the home page, as well. Remember to follow the few simple guidelines for the best chance of acceptance. 700 words or less, a photo that might illustrate the memory or show you at the age when the event took place. Include your full name, city and state. It's all pretty simple but always do a checklist before sending any submission. Ask yourself Did I.....? for each point in the guidelines. Tom may edit your story but only to make it more readable. 

You might be wondering who this Tom Mach is. Go to this page to learn more about this fine author. He's written 6 books, 3 of them form a trilogy that has received excellent reviews and some awards. He's also a short story writer and a poet. 

This memory website is relatively new so a general call for submissions is out. Need a few memory triggers to help you come up with a 700 word memory story? Here are just a few:

1. What was the worst day of your grade school years?

2. What kind of person was your favorite teacher?

3. How did you fool someone on April Fool's Day?

4. What was your town known for?

5. What happened in your growing-up years that you are most proud of? Most ashamed of?

6. What Thanksgiving or Christmas celebration stands out in your mind? 

Tom Mach's Historical Trilogy

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