Friday, April 17, 2015

Other Libraries In My LIfe--A Photo Essay

Yesterday, I posted an essay about the first library I used and loved. Today, I have a few pictures of other libraries in my area. The one above is the Kansas City Library in Missouri. It's so unique that I wanted to include it. 

This is the Manhattan Publice Library in Manhattan, Kansas, where I live. Only a small part of it is showing.  A recent enlargement of the Children's Department has made our library a building of impressive proportions. 

This is the atrium area of the Manhattan Library that leads to the Children's Department on one side and the main library on the other. An elegant metal sculpture depicting several of Aesop's fables graces the wall area.

Another library in my community is Hale Library on the Kansas State University campus. Made of native limestone, as are the majority of the buildings on campus, it is a magnificent piece of architecture and houses a very fine collection within its walls. Many a student fondly remembers the myriad hours he/she spent here.

The last photo for today is one of the libraries I shall always remember. We were staying in a small English village a few years ago. Ken went out for a walk in the early morning. When we were getting ready to leave the B&B, he said, "Come over here, I want you to see what I discovered this morning on my walk." We strolled around the building until we came to the road side. And there stood an old telephone booth that had been turned into the local library. I wanted to go inside and explore the books on the shelves but we had to get on the road so I didn't get to do that. My dear husband knew that, if I once got inside that little library, it would be difficult to get me out again! 

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