Tuesday, April 28, 2015

My Week With Publishing Syndicate

The Publishing Syndicate has been a big part of my life this week. Yesterday, my story, Off the Hook,
was shared on facebook. It's a fun, but absolutely true, story about having that all important birds and bees talk with our son. You can read it here at the Publishing Syndicate blog.

I've had stories in three of the Not Your Mother's Book on... and have had one of my blog posts published in Publishing Syndicate's monthly newsletter. Today, the April issue is out and I am the author of the featured article. Go here to link to the newsletter and to read my article titled Deadlines and Achievement. Once again, my son is part of the story, photos included. The rest of it is advice to writers. This was once one of my blog posts and among the most popular so it might be worth a second look. 

The Publishing Syndicate monthly newsletter is a worthwhile read for writers. Read some
 back issues and then consider signing up to receive the newsletter on a monthly basis.

Ken and Dahlynn McKowen know a lot about anthologies and writing. Dahlynn worked with the Chicken Soup for the Soul publishers prior to starting her own venture with husband, Ken. Besides the Not Your Mother's Book on... anthology series, they have published travel books and wine country books. You can read more about Dahlynn and Ken at an Amazon page that gives a fine bio of Dahlynn--not exluding Ken, of course. The page also lists books the McKowens have stories in or have published. Check it out here.

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