Monday, April 6, 2015

A Special Poem for The Day After Easter and Longer


Sometimes we are passionate in our feelings about a holiday when it is either drawing near or here. But then, the day is gone and we lose some of the feelings we had earlier. Several years ago, I wrote the following poem the day after Easter. You could do much the same kind of poem after Passover or Christmas or Hanukkah or any other holiday special to you. 

Forever and A Day

Keep Easter in my heart, Lord.
Let my soul renew itself
each and every day
as it does on Easter morn.

Oh, let me savor that surge
of joy, the swelling of my heart,
and the gratefulness that Jesus
died so that I might live with Thee.

Keep Easter in my heart, Lord.
Remind me of it when I am
feeling overwhelmed, or when
tired and depressed over some trivial thing.

Tap me lightly on the shoulder, Lord.
Then whisper, “Remember Easter Morn.”
Trigger those sensations once more,
return that glorious Easter joy again.

Keep Easter in my heart, Lord.
Let me not forget the passion.
Show me the glory of your resurrection,
so that I may hold it close forever and a day.

---Nancy Julien Kopp    © 2000

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