Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Who Is This and Where Is She Going?

Where is this young woman going? Why is her bicycle basket decorated with flowers. And what are the balloons for? Where is she? Who is she and what will she do when she arrives?

All this can be answered if you do a writing exercise today with the picture prompt above. Play the What if...? game as you study the photo. That should trigger some creativity in your Tuesday brain.

Share your paragraphs or stories with us in the comments section. I'm thinking 20 people would have that young woman going 20 different places to do 20 different things. 

Don't brush writing exercises aside. Many a good story evolved from a Random Word exercise or a Picture Prompt. You know that walking five miles a day would be very beneficial to your overall health. Doing the writing exercises will also bring benefits into your writing life. 

Awww, go ahead. Give it a try! 

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