Friday, March 27, 2015

Something New From Annette Gendler


What you see above is the banner of the very first issue of Annette Gendler latest project--a newsletter. Read it here. Annette also has a blog. She is a Writer-in-Residence at the Ernest Hemingway House in Oak Park, IL. Annette has also been a guest blogger here. Read her posts here and here.

Annette teaches Memoir Writing at StoryStudio in Chicago and has recently taught an 'mini-memoir' class at The Ernest Hemingway House. Now she is offering this same course online so that people anywhere can participate.

This first issue of the newsletter has details about the class for anyone who is intersted. The thought behind writing a mini-memoir rather than tackle an entire memoir book is that it's easier to write about a small slice of one's life and it's also much easier to achieve publication for a short piece than a book length memoir.

Annette is a former member of my online writing group. She'll be at our conference in mid-April and I'm looking forward to seeing her there. She's a fine writer and excellent teacher.

I was especially pleased when Annette was awarded the Writer-in-Residence at The Ernest Hemingway House because the famed author went to the same high school that I did--but at an earlier time. Every English teacher in that school mentioned that fact as well as ine other. It seems that Mr. Hemingway failed English in high school. Maybe it's true or it could be an Oak Park-River Forest High School legend. I've always wanted it to be true.

Take a look at the links I've provided above. It might prove to be some interesting reading this weekend.


  1. Thanks for sharing, Nancy! I think of you often when I wander the streets of Oak Park. It's such a beautiful neighborhood.

    1. That's nice to know. Must be what makes my ear itch at times. :)