Monday, March 16, 2015

New Call For Submissions From Chicken Soup for the Soul

Chicken Soup for the Soul has probably been the best market for my stories over the years. It's a good thing they keep coming out with new titles so that I can come up with stories that might fit the theme.

It pays to check the possible books page on the Chicken Soup webiste now and then. There are new books added off and on. I checked the page yesterday and found four new ones. Go to the page to read what the editors are looking for in the new book titles listed here:

1. Angels and Miracles (yes, one more angel book--they must be very popular)

2. Military Families

3. Random Acts of Kindness

4. The Spirit of America

For #2, they are looking for stories written by soldiers and their families. That includes spouses, children, parents, siblings. So, this topic is a little more limiting than the other three.

Note the deadlines for submitting. I've been told that the earlier you submit the better. But then we hear stories about people who submitted on the final day and got in. I tend to think the earlier the better because those last minute subs that accepted are probably in the 'very few' category.

Before you start writing a story to send to this anthology, study the guidlines page. Note that I said 'study' not 'read' because the guidelines given are lengthy and pretty explicit. Check them out here.
When you finish writing and editing your story, go back to the guidelines and do a check to see if you have followed the requirements.

If you go to the home page of the Chicken Soup website to find the guidelines and book topics and submission form, scroll down to the list at the bottom of the page and click on Submit Your Story.
You'll find the possible book topics, the guidelines and the submission form on this page.

Writers tell me that they have submitted stories to Chicken Soup and all were rejected. Remember that this is a very competitive market--thousands of stories received for each title--but you'll never get in unless you keep writing and keep submitting.

As for me, I've already thought of a story I can write for #3 on the list above. I've let it swirl in my mind for a couple of days now so it's time to get the first draft written this afternoon.

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