Tuesday, March 31, 2015

A Big Day For Grant Overstake--Audio Book Released

When Grant Overstake's YA book, Maggie Vaults Over the Moon, was released, he sent me a copy. I didn't know him personally but we'd seen one another on writing places on facebook and Kansas Writers Association and Kansas Authors Club pages. I didn't expect to be bowled over by the book but I was.

The story of Mggie, who loses a brother and gains recognition in the sports world and, oh so much more, hooked me immediately. So, how many people do you know interested in pole vaulting? Probably not a great number, but Grant's book has sparked interest in the field competition in places across our country, and other countries, as well. It's a book for younger and middle teens that any adult would enjoy and benefit from. 

Maggie has her own website and myriad fans. Today is a special day for Maggie and also for the man who wrote the story. The book was released today as an audio book narrated by Tavia Gilbert, voice actress. She is one of the top in the business. She liked Grant's book so much that she wanted to do the narration on the audio version produced by Blackstone Audio. Ms Gilbert's quote says a lot: "A great metaphor for courage, faith and belief in oneself"

Check here to learn more about the book, the audio book and how to order it as a download. Then go to Tavia Gilbert's page to learn more about her. You'll see why Grant Overstake was so excited about this newest version of his book. 

I downloaded my copy eaerlier this morning and am looking forward to listening to it. Do it for yourself and do it for your teen-age kids and grandkids. I remember one young reader of around 14 who said she'd read the book over and over. Definitely a message there! 

Read a Kirkus review, only one of many. 

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  1. Nancy, You are a peach! Thank you sooo much for a wonderful tribute on a very special day in my writing career! Best, Grant