Friday, January 2, 2015

Get Rid of Donnie Doubt, Freddie Frustration and Aggie Aggravation!

If there is a list of traits needed to be a writer, I think the last line in the quote above should be the headliner. 

Always believe in yourself. Four simple words that can carry you on your writing journey forever. 

It sounds so easy to believe in yourself but outside factors move in and create problems. Donnie Doubt may cross your path on a frequent basis. He makes us wonder if we're good enough to get published. He points his finger and asks "Are you sure you can do this?" 

Freddie Frustration comes to call now and then making it hard to believe in yourself. Every time you submit your work and it comes rolling back with a NO, Freddie claps his hands in glee. "Told you so," he crows at you. 

Aggie Agravation drops in to visit once in awhile. She makes sure there are just enough glitches in your writing life that you step back from believing in yourself. "Take that," she says as she tosses a dart in your path.

Your job is to sweep these three right out of your life. Each time one comes to call, close your ears and your eyes and send them out the door. Be like the bird in our quote. Rely on your own wings. Know that you are the one person in control. Doubt, frustration and aggravation are only blips on the radar screen. Listen to yourself, not them. 

Always believe in yourself doesen't mean that your writing life will be stress-free. Far from it as there are always ups and downs. It does mean that you can handle whatever comes yoru way. That you can meet the down parts with strength and determination and move on. 

Make 2015 a writing year in which you Always believe in yourself. If you do, others will believe in you, too. 


  1. Believing in myself has always been the hardest thing for me. I'm not sure how that came about, but from the time I was young and remember anything, I remember being unsure of my abilities in every way. It's possibly because my mother, father and I moved so many times to so many different places, that I never had time to develop self-confidence in any area. But I do understand your point here, and I work on improving this every day. Thank you for all you do for others.

    1. The important thing, Nancy, is that you keep working on it. Don't ever stop.