Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Ever Needed An Attitude Adjustment?

A great attitude becomes a great day - Mandy Hale motivational quote

You've heard me expound on the importance of attitude in your writing life many times. You'll hear me say it again today and probably in future posts as well. Does that let you know how important I consider attitude to be? It should.

The poster above tells me that having a good attitude toward our writing world starts like many other parts of life. It begins with one day, or a small step and grows day by day to become months, years and the rest of your life. 

The beloved children's story, The Little Engine That Could, is a fine example to children but also to those of us who are long past childhood. Watch a video of the story by clicking on the book title. You can also order the book at Barnes and Noble online. If you've never read it, do so. If you've read it long, long ago, give it another read or watch the youtube film. It's such a simple story but can set our path for life in showing us what having the right attitude can help us achieve. Sometimes, the simplest things offer us the greatest tools for life.

And make no mistake--your attitude toward your writing is one of the tools in your writers kit. 

Approach a writing project with a negative attitude and guess what will happen? Keep putting yourself down as a writer and guess what will happen? Look at a new project at out of reach as clinbing Mt. Everest and guess what will happen? 

Is a good attitude going to make every writing project easy? Definitely not. It will, however, make it easier than if your attitude is negative. Being positive will help you over the bumps in the road on your project. 

Give some thought today to your attitude. Is it always positive? Or is it even sometimes positive? Is it something you work on? Check the poster again and start making any improvements needed today. So many things happen one day at a time. 

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