Thursday, January 15, 2015

Dream Or Do?

Could this be you? Dreaming about a great idea you have for a new story? Haven't we all been hit with a wonderful project that we think about or continue to dream about but never seem to get around to actually starting?

Dreaming about a new writing project and turning it into reality are two different worlds. Ideas for new projects sometimes come out the blue, hitting us when we least expect it--often at inopportune times. We continue to think about the project, maybe start making a mental list of what needs to be done. Then  Life gets in our way and we don't get the project started.

Time moves on and the project slips farther into the recesses of our mind where it is going to rest and grow whiskers unless you do something about it. I'm guessing that we all have more than one of these dreamed-about projects that have yet to see the light of day. I can almost see the little compartments in my brain where story ideas reside. Some are aging rapidly while others are hammering to get out.

You're a writer, but maybe a few subheads might be applied, as well. You might also be:

1. A dreamer

2. A procrastinator

3. An idea-only person--one who likes getting ideas but doesn't act upon them

4. An overflow project person--too many ideas and not enough time to start any of them

We're human, so we do some of the above occasionally, or maybe even on a regular basis. There might be another reason we put off starting on one of our long-held story ideas. We might be just a little bit afraid of beginning, especially if we aren't sure where the story, or novel, is heading. We might have only the seeds of the project in our mind. There's no shame in being afraid to begin a new project. We need to push that feeling aside and begin one step at a time. Each successful step is going to send that fear farther back so you can push ahead on the project.

Why not make it a goal to work on and finish a project that has only been a dream so far?  Give yourself a deadline. By the end of 2015. Or six months from now. Or 30 days, Give yourself ample time but don;t srtetch it out too far or it's apt to get away from you again.

Dream or Do? Which one is it going to be?

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