Thursday, January 22, 2015

A Photo Prompt Exercise That Might Be Hard To Resist

This wonderful picture was on the front of a Christmas card we received last month. It absolutely melted my heart when I slipped it out of the envelope. On the back of the card, I learned that the artist is a woman named Lisi Martin, born in Barcelona, Catalonia. Her paintings depict the wonderful world of children.

Use this picture for a photo prompt exercise today. Study the little girl and the rest of the picture for awhile before you begin to write. Then begin writing and keep going as quickly as you can. Do a freewrite just as we do for some Random Word exercises. Later, you can edit and revise your story.

If I were teaching a writing class, I'd love to use this photo prompt exercise and then have each person read what they wrote after studying the picture. If anyone would like to share with our readers, copy and paste your story in the Comment box.

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