Friday, December 12, 2014

The Bells of Christmas

Today I'm posting a poem I wrote several years ago when putting together a program for a church group. The theme was The Bells of Christmas, so I had the title for the poem ready made. We read and write Christmas stories, both fiction and creative nonfiction but consider trying to write a poem with a Christmas theme. 

The Bells Of Christmas

Keep Christmas in my heart, Lord.

Help me remember the love and joy
that Advent season brings each year.

Let me hear the bells of Christmas
long after the sacred day is done,
ring them loud, ring them clear.

I want to celebrate your birthday
each and every day, if only quietly.
Let me not forget the beloved tale.

If I spread the love of Christmas
all January, June and hot July,
will its message sound as dear?

Keep Christmas in my heart, Lord.
Ring the bells of Christmas softly,
hold them close so that I may hear.

When everyday cares and woes
push the Christmas story far away,
let the blessed bells bring it back again.

Keep Christmas in my heart, Lord.
I'll ring the chimes for those who've
not yet heard the message of the bells.

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