Thursday, December 4, 2014

Oh C'mon--Give A Book This Year

The Book Lover's Christmas Tree

Here we are in that awful decision making time of year. What shall I get for Aunt Martha? Would Mary Sue like these salt and pepper shakers or not?  Gift giving time has its pros and cons as we can all attest. 

For the readers on your list, definitely consider a book. You usually know the person well enough to figure out the kinds of books he/she likes. But what if they've already read it? you might ask. There are three solutions to that problem.

Solution  #1: Get a book that is just published. Odds are the person has not rushed out to buy it yet.

Solution  #2:  Give a gift card to a book store or for Amazon

Solution  #3:  Buy a book you think the person would like and include a gift receipt so that they can exchange it if they have already read it. Make it easy by not ordering online if you think the book might get exchanged. 

Where are you going to purchase these gift books?

 1. If the person lives in the same town you do, consider a local bookstore. Makes it easy to exchange and you're supporting a local business. 
2.  If the book is something you know will not be exchanged, try Prices are definitely a draw here.
3.  One of the major bookstores like Barnes and Noble or Hastings that seem to be in most cities of any size
4.  Places like Target and Walmart have book sections and the prices are generally discounted.
5.  Even your local grocery stores often have book sections
6.  Library Used Books Shelf:  OK, this one is possibly a stretch but you can find books that look brand new. Only problem is that there is no return. Maybe this is a good place to 'gift' a book to yourself!

Have you read a book this year that you loved and would like others to read, too? Perfect gift for your book lover friends or relatives. Include some classics as well as newly published books. 

Definitely consider books for gifts for children. In this e-world we live in, we need to work hard to promote reading for pleasure to the younger generations. If you're not sure what books are the most popular, ask for help from a clerk or your local children's librarian. They have the knowledge and are usually happy to share. 

Lastly, shouldn't writers be the one group of people that supports reading and books in every way possible? Maybe the writer's slogan for December should be Give A Book! If you've been fortunate enough to have a book published this year, what better gift to give than an autographed copy of your own work? 

I couldn't agree more!

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