Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Little Lessons For Writers

Have you visited the Wordsmith site lately? Poems, stories, and spectacular graphics to go with them. This site is a place for both writers to post and for readers. Swing by today and see what's new.

Good quote today. When things go wrong in our writing life, there's usually a reason. When we discover what the reason is, we will hopefully see the lesson.

What kinds of things can go wrong?

1.  You might have a great beginning and middle for a story and cannot come up with a proper ending

2.  You might have worked hard on a project, submitted and received a rejection

3.  You might spend hours on a story and then decide it's pure drivel when you read it over again

4.  You might have a story you've written that you love. You take it to your writer's group and receive a negative reaction from all who critique it

5.  You might have submitted work for years and never had an acceptance

6.  You might lose your desire to write

7.  You might have to deal with that old enemy--writer's block

What kinds of lessons can you learn from these things that go wrong?

1.  You can see how strong a writer you are

2.  You may need to look harder for inspiration and in new ways

3.  You may find out that rejection is not the end of the world

4.  You may find that a first draft is just that--a first draft--not a finished product

5.  You may need to realize that the negative reaction of others will help you make the story better when you rewrite

6.  You my learn that nothing is perfect, that you need to work on honing your craft constantly

7.  You may need to read your own work with a more objective eye

8.  You may find out that there's not much about writing that is easy

9.   You might discover the degree of passion you have for writing

Whenever things go wrong in your writing life, look for a reason, then look for a lesson. Next, do your homework and carry on. When life is good, go right ahead and be especially grateful.


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