Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Chicken Soup Is Looking For Stories For More Books

Chicken Soup for the Soul: Reboot Your Life

Good news arrives when you least expect it. When we got home from the K-State basketball game last night, I checked my email and found a letter from D'ette Corona who is one of the Chicken Soup editors. My story for the Thanks To My Mom book has made it to the final cut round. The book is scheduled to be published in mid-March and writers will be notified a month or so prior to that if their story makes it into the book. Almost all of the stories in this final cut round make it. I do know of a few people who have had a story cut here, however. Heartbreaking to get so close, I'm sure. 

This morning, there was more good news. Two of the members of my online writing group are also in the final round for this same book. I would be thrilled to be in the book with these two fine writers so am crossing my fingers for all three of us. 

Anyone can submit to a Chicken Soup book, but I think writers have an edge because they know how to tell a story. Their work is perhaps more polished than a nonwriter who enters a story. I understand that, if a story has enough merit, the editors will work with the author to bring it up to standards required. 

Here's a list of the books for which Chicken Soup is seeking stories. Pay attention to deadlines. Rumor has it that the earlier you submit, the better your chances. Go to the website page to look for specifics on each title listed below: 

1. Dreams and Premonitions

2.  Inspiration for Nurses

3.  Make Your Own Luck

4.  Stories About The Christmas Season

5.  Support For Therapists/Mental Health Professionals

6.  Think Possible

7.  Time To Thrive

8.  Volunteering and Giving Back

Remember that this publisher looks for actual true stories on each topic. They do not want an essay, a sermon or an article listing only facts. It must be a story with a beginning, middle and end. They prefer first person stories and they like humor as well as stories that touch the heart.

So how about it? Can you come up with a submission for one of these titles? I'm mulling a few ideas and will get to work on them in January when life settles down a little. 

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