Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Add The Sense of Touch To Your Writing

Yesterday, I offered an exercise on Smell, a sensory detail that can bring your writing to greater heights. All the sensory details added to what we write will make a more interesting read. 

Today, let's concentrate on the Sense of Touch. How do things feel when stroked or touched? What are some adjectives that describe this sense? You may think of some others, too.

1. rough

2.  soft

3.  hard

4.  smooth

5. cold

6.  hot

7. warm

8. cool

9. velvety

10. sticky

11. gooey

12. slick

For each of the 12 words in the list, write a phrase or sentence showing the sense of touch. Note that I said showing. Don't just tell how something feels. 

Some sensory details are much easier to put into our writing than others. Touch is one of the more difficult ones to show the reader. Work on this exercise more than once. The aim is to make this something you start doing automatically as you write. If you'd like to share with the blog readers, do so in the comments section. 

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