Thursday, November 20, 2014

A Nonfiction Contest--No Entry Fee, Published or Unpublished Work

I've been waiting to enter the following contest. Those of you who have been writing family stories and your family history might give consideration to this contest, too. This is the announcement I found a few months ago.
2014 GENEii Family History Writers Contest Opens

NOW is the time to write your family's history. Submissions will be accepted for the 2014 GENEii Family History Writing Contest beginning 01 Nov 2014. Contest closes on 31 Dec 2014.
The GENEii Writing Contest is for factual articles: either family history or local history, character sketches, or memoirs. Winning entries capture a sense of a family's experience(s), the character of a locality, or reveal an individual's character and personality. Complete contest rules can be found here and a brochure can be downloaded here. Winning stories for the past 10 years can be found here.
Cash prizes are awarded in two categories: articles (1000 to 2000 words: $200, $100, and $50) and Category 2 (under 1000 words: $100, $50, and $25).

To read the specific guidelines go to this link and download the brochure. Note that there are two categories, mainly marking  a difference in word count. Your entry can be a purely factual history or a character sketch/memoir which allows you to be a little more creative, still keeping to the facts.

You are not restricted to history of southern California history, anyplace is eligible. They state that entries have come from around the world. There are cash prizes and publication possibilities. One thing I especially liked is that your entry can be either a published or unpublished piece. Another plus is that there is no entry fee.

Ponder on this today. Do you have something already written, or even published, that you might enter? Or do you have a thought about a new piece to write specifically for this contest? I am considering a story about my grandparents that has been published. Before I send it, I am going to expand on parts of it, add more to bring out the character traits of these family members. If you want to enter something you've already written, look carefully to see if you might improve on it before you submit. 

Read and study the guidelines carefully to see if your submission fits.

Note the deadline for submission is December 31, 2014. That gives you about six weeks. 

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  1. Thank you Nancy for your posts about writing contests such as this one. I appreciate it so much, although I'm one of those with confidence issues. But I may just convince myself to try this one if I can get my courage together. Thanks again.

    1. Go for it, Nancy. What do you have to lose? Nothing. And everything to gain!