Monday, October 6, 2014

Can You Write To A Theme?

Back in 2007, the Kansas Authors Convention theme was Pen Life As Art. The theme division in the state contest paid the largest prize amount in both the Prose and Poetry Divisions. It's definitely worth trying to write something that brings the theme to life. 

I wrote a poem and entered it in the theme division. Much to my surprise, it won third place. Tomorrow I'll post the poem here. 

But today, I'm going to suggest that you try writing a poem or a story or essay or article. It could be a memoir piece or pure fantasy but it must use Pen Life As Art for a theme. It doesn't have to be the title but it can if you want to use it that way. Your poem or prose piece should illustrate the theme in some way. 

Make it as short as you like or as long.  I would love to have some of you share your effort, although I'm not sure how much you can put in the comment box on the blog post itself. Some of you who read the blog via facebook pages can copy and paste in the comment box there.

What is so interesting about an exercise like this one is that the end result will be going down a variety of paths. 

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