Monday, September 22, 2014

What If You Had Three Wishes?

I got to thinking today about what I'd say if a fairy swooped down from the sky, slipped under my front door and told me she'd grant me three wishes in my writing life. Wouldn't that be great? I'd be so excited I'd most likely blubber a bit before I could even speak to her.

But then I started to ponder on what three wishes I'd make. Didn't want to do it too quickly and ask for something silly. Uh-uh! I needed to think on this one. So I thought through the afternoon while I ran to the grocery store, watched some football, made dinner and answered many emails that stacked up while we were gone last week.

Here's what I came up with for my Three Wishes For My Writing Life:

1.  I wish that the one novel I've written (a juvenile historical one) would be published someday

2.  I wish that I can become a stronger fiction writer

3.  I wish that each of my blog readers would share my posts with 10 of their writer friends each day

OK, now it's your turn. If a Writing Fairy slipped into your house and granted you three wishes in your writing life, what would you ask her for? Remember that old piece of advice about being careful what you wish for. Take a bit of time and then make your three wishes. If you're willing, share them with me and my readers.


  1. I'd wish for the self-discipline to get myself away from my computer and the TV. Then I'd wish for a great inspiration. Then I'd wish that someone would publish my poetry. What a great blog!

    1. Loved reading your 3 wishes. We do have a little control in our wishes, don;t we?