Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Use Memory Triggers To Write Family Stories

Last evening, I gave a program for a womens group at our church. "Remembering Our Grandparents" was the title I selected. Since Grandparents Day was Sunday, I thought it might be nice to honor and remember our grandparents.

My aim was to trigger some memories for the women who attended in hopes that they might start writing some of the family stories about their grandparents.

I read two of my stories about my grandparents and one about my dad as a grandparent. In-between the stories, I asked people in the audience to tell us a short anecdote or memory they had of a grandparent. What interesting stories we heard! At the end of the program, I challenged them to go home and write the stories they'd told this evening so that their own children and grandchildren would have them forever.

Many of the storytellers, and the stories I read, triggered memories for others. I have a feeling some of the ladies will go home and think about many other things that happened when they visited a grandparent or the grandmother came to see them or when Grandpa took them to town for ice cream.

Here are are few questions that might trigger memories of your own grandparents. Be sure to include your grandparents in your Family Memories Book.

1. What did your grandmother/grandfather look like?

2. Did any of your grandparents speak another language?

3.  Did your grandparents live near your family or far away?

4.  Were your grandparents a part of your life or did you see them only occasionally?

5.  Did your grandparents let you get away with more than your parents did, or were they strict?

6.  Did your grandparents have a sense of humor?

7.  What was the worst thing you ever did at your grandparents' home?

8.  What did your grandmother/grandfather cook that you especially loved?

9.. Did your grandparents take you to church?

10. Did your grandparents come to see you perform in sports or drama or musical events?

11. Did your grandmother/grandfather ever punish your?

12. Did you learn any life lessons from your grandparents?

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