Tuesday, July 8, 2014

A Stormy Picture Prompt

Last night, we had a humdinger of a storm that knocked out power in a lot of areas, downed power lines and burned down a house that had been struck by lightning. My husband was up early to get ready for his 8 a.m. tee time this morning but I saw an announcement that the club is closed due to downed lines. So no golf for him today. We needed some rain but would have much preferred a nice all day gentle soaking rain. But we don't always get rain in the way we'd like, do we? 

Storms provide great material for writers. How many mysteries open with a stormy night scene? Or what about the stories that provide terror in a storm at the climax? A storm can almost be another character in your story. They play a significant role. 

And think of the possibilities of description that the storm setting gives. Almost endless ways to describe the pre-storm, during and after. 

As an exercise today, use the picture above or any of these great storm pictures, to write a paragraph or several paragraphs. You may choose to make your paragraph(s) nothing but vivid description or decide to include characters who are experiencing a storm. How about golfers caught unaware on the 14th hole? Or a young woman driving alone in a desolate area when a storm hits? There are many possibilities. So, flex those writing fingers and get started. 

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