Thursday, June 26, 2014

Writers Need To Say Thanks

Our mothers conditioned us to say Thank You when we were toddlers, then as young grade schoolers and on into high school. We were taught to send a note of appreciatiion when we received a gift or if someone did something nice for us. Mothers today start out the same way but sometimes they don't continue to do so when their babies are suddenly teens and young adults. I hear more and more about those who do not.

Many people mean to say thank you, whether by note or phone call or email, but life gets in the way and the good intention slips farther and father into the background until it's forgotten. Practicing good manners of this kind comes down to habit. We either have it or we don't. I think it's a very good habit to acquire.

So, what is all this mean on today's post? Writers need to show some appreciation, too. To whom? Check my list below:

1.  Critiquers and personal editors

2.  Editors

3.  Readers

4.  Publishers

5.  Reviewers

6.  Bookstore Owners

All of the above are necessary to any success you achieve in your writing life. Whenever you have a personal interaction with any one of them, it is to your advantage to offer your appreciation.

Editors, publishers, and reviewers deal with myriad authors. Sure, it's their job but they also like being thanked for whatever help they may have given you. It certainly will aid in them remembering who you are the next time you interact with them and it creates positive working atmospheres. Of course, those are not the only reasons to send your thanks. Foremost, it's just plain good manners to do so,

Have I always done this with every acceptance I receive? No, I haven't but I do try to do it when possible. A lot depends on the situation and how well you know the person involved. I always, always send a thank you to anyone who critiques my writing. If I wrote novels, I think I would likely thank numbers 4, 5, and 6 in the list. As for number 2--editors--I have done so many times. I've even thanked editors who have rejected my submission on occasion. Strange? Not really. Often, a note that comes with the rejection helps me in some way.

It's not always easy to thank readers unless they are in a writing community or website where comments can be made. Or if you're famous enough to be asked to write in a literary magazine or book section of a newspaper.

Today, I'd like to thank the many who read this blog and have done so for a lot of years. Also the newer Followers of my blog. There would be little reason for me to conitinue if I didn't have faithful readers and if I didn't feel I offered a service that helped in some small way.

So Bunches of Thanks from me to you. 

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