Monday, June 9, 2014

Who Is Your Family Story Writèr?

We're in Dallas for our oldest grandadaughter's graduation from high school. We drove down on Friday and have been having a good family time.  Relatives from both sides of Alexis's family have gathered to launch her from one phase of her life to the next.

There have been countless family stories told these past few days. Every time another is told, I  wonder who is going to write the story so it won't be lost. Who will be the one to make sure the stories about family members now and from the past don't  get lost?

Most people think someone else should  do it! Sure, it's a lot easier to pass the job on to someone else. Give some thought to taking on the job yourself, especially if you happen  to be a writer. If so, your family will most likely expect it of you so you might as well accept the  job.

In my family, I'm the one and I expect that  in  years to come, it will be Alexis will be the family story writer since she is planning to pursue a career in writing. She'll major in Journalism and English with an emphasis on Creative Writing at Southern Methodis   University in Dallas. She's the obvious selection , isn't she? I have no doubt that she'll carry   on  what I've  begun.

She's going to be a busy young woman these next few years,  I'd better keep the title of Family Story Writer for awhile longer.

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