Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Pictures To Stimulate Creativity

Vintage Telephone Stock Photo

Today, I have a writing exercise for you to do. Using any one of these three picture prompts, write a paragraph or several paragraphs, or an entire story.

Use past experiences or your imagination
Experiment with form. Try one that is whimsical, another that might be horror or mystery, and still another one as a romance. Make it a memoir or fiction.

Lab Equipment Stock ImageDon't glance at the three pictures and then claim to have no ideas. Study the picture. Look at details. What are you thinking about? Who does the picture bring to mind? Maybe you'll write a character study rather than a short story or memoir piece.

Fabric and Sewing pictures

An exercise like this is meant to stimulate your creativity. If you're having trouble finding an idea for one of the pictures, try the What if...? game. Ask yourself several What if...? questions about the picture that appeals most to you. Then start writing. If you care to share, we'd be delighted to read what you come up with.

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