Tuesday, June 17, 2014

For Your Summer Reading List

Believe it!

Summer! Beach reads! Lazy days in the cool house reads! In the car or plane heading to vacation spot reads! All are great places to plunge into a book.

Last Saturday, I was browsing the shelves at my local library when I ran across Amy Tan's latest novel--The Valley of Amazemen. I'd read a review when it was released but had not put it on a hold list. There it was on the shelf calling out to me, mostly because I've read and enjoyed many of her earlier books. It's a big book, well over 500 pages. It's historical fiction, romance, character study, a look at mother/daughter relationships and more. I must admit that I had a hard time getting into it as there was a great deal of backstory in about the first 50 pages, but once hooked, I have the urge to pick up the book whenever I have some free moments. I'm more than halfway through the novel now and find I'm making time to read. A good sign when a reader does that.

I posted a comment on facebook about reading this book and asked if anyone had recommendations for others that they'd read recently and liked. I hit the jackpot with several answers and not one duplicate. I'll list them below with a link to the Amazon page they're on so you can read the summary and editorial reviews. The link to the Amy Tan book is in the paragraph above. You'll know then whether you want to to put them on your summer reading list. There are both fiction and nonfiction in this list.

1.  The Man in the Wooden Hat

2.  The Pecan Man

3.  The Boys in the Boat

4.  The Price of Justice

5.  The Hunted

Thanks to all the women who suggested these titles. How about the men? What are you reading this summer?


  1. Nancy, have you read Amy Tan's biography called The Opposite of Fate - pretty interesting about her mother. check it out!

    1. No, I haven't. Will do and thanks.