Thursday, May 29, 2014

Who Are You? Who Am I?

I've received many greetings today from old friends and new ones, too, because it's my birthday.Also from family members. It's pure delight to have others share in an annual recognition of another year passing by. So thank you to each and every one.

My birthday is usually a time for reflection for me. I think about where I've been, what I've done, and who I am. With each passing year, the list grows.

Many years ago, movie-star, Loretta Young had a TV show. She gave a short intro speech before each drama was shown. The set was a room, possibly a library, in a home, and Loretta came whirling through a door in an ultra-feminine dress, perfect make-up and hair-do. The one I remember the most is the night she asked a question of her viewers. Who are you? Name the three most important people you are. Then think about it. I couldn't tell you anything about the story that was shown next, but I have always remembered her question, have even used it in a speech I once gave to a group of hospital auxiliary women. 

What three people am I today? The ones that come to mind first are these: I am a mother, a grandmother and a writer. There is little doubt that these are the important parts of my life right now. We'd probably give different answers at various stages of our lives. There was a time when I might have said that I was a student, a daughter and a friend. Another time, I could have listed wife, teacher and mother-to-be. 

Try asking yourself this same question. See what three things pop into your mind first. And in what order. Then give some thought to your list. 

Here's a little exercise on being a Writer. Use the letters and jot down what comes to mind in your writing life. Here's mine:

W is for the writer I've always wanted to be, ever since childhood

R is for the great ride my writing life has given me

I  is for the invigorating feeling I have when I write

T  is for the thrill when my work is published

E  is for everything my writing life has given to me

R  is for finding the right thing to make me happy

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  1. I love that question! It's always worthwhile to stop in our tracks and think about who we are.