Thursday, May 1, 2014

May Day Times Three

Today brings us three things to celebrate. The nostalgic one is May Day, celebrated the first day of May for centuries. It was the herald of spring and the glorious rebirth and vibrant colors that season brought with many trees blooming and flowers, as well. The custom of hanging a basket of flowers on a door on May Day is a longstanding one.

When my children were small, the neighborhood kids made construction paper baskets, filled them with candy and delievered them secretly to their friends' homes. Getting the basket delivered without being seen was the best part of that tradition.

Today is also Law Day. In our home, I usually greeted my husband and children with a cheerful Happy May Day as each appeared for breakfast. And as soon as I said it, Ken responded with It's Law Day! If nothing else, our children learned that May 1st was more than one thing.

This year, May 1st is also National Day of Prayer. My 10 year old granddaughter reminded me of that yesterday. It's not always May 1st but is celebrated on the first Thursday of May each year. This year's theme is One Voice. I like the theme selected because it is simple yet meaningful.

These special days may give writers some inspiration to write. It could be a memoir piece or an essay to show your feelings about one of these events. It could be an article about the history of May Day or Law Day, or perhaps on the far-reaching effects that National Day of Prayer might have.

There's hardly a month when we don't have some special holiday or a day of recogntion. You might want to bookmark this website that lists and links these days for 2014.

Celebrate one of the special May 1st events today. Better yet, go for all three. Being the Romantic I am, May Day will always top my list but I give thought to each of the others, as well.

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