Thursday, May 22, 2014

Blocked Blog on One Browser!

The image above is about the way I'm feeling today. Ready to fight but not knowing where to get the tools, or maybe weapons, to do so.
A writer friend sent me an email this morning to let me know that uses of GoogleChrome browsers could not access my blog. Instead a malware warning pops up and the site is blocked. I've never had a problem of this sort in all the years I've had the blog.
Started checking and found that it worked fine on Internet Explorer. Why one and not the other, I wondered.
I'm reasonably savy in computer usage but certainly not an expert. I started looking for an answer at and found zip there. Then tried GoogleChrome and found many directions, most of which only confused the issue more. I requested a diagnostic review which is to be given within 24 hours.
So right now, I'm waiting. If you use Internet Explorer, you're able to read this. If you use GoogleChrome, you're scared to death at the nasty warning sign and want to flee quickly.
Hoping for a fix before the day is done. My apologies for any inconvenience. 


  1. Have no problems whatsoever with FireFox, Nancy. Sorry for your troubles...but thought it prudent to let you know that FFx users should have no problems. Sounds more like a Chrome problem than anything. Especially if ppl have been able to access the blog previously and can not now.

  2. I use Firefox without any problem reading your blog. I have never switched browsers back and forth like so many people do. I've been using Firefox for years and found it to be just fine. Seems it may be a Google Chrome issue.

  3. I'm also reading this on Firefox. Good luck in getting your problem fixed. Not a problem any of us need!