Monday, April 28, 2014

Ever Think About Writing a Book of Poems?

Nattional Poetry Month is nearly over. This morning, I learned that a poet in my state writers organization has a book of poetry soon to be released. I'm looking forward to reading it for one reason. Roy J. Beckemeyer is one fine poet.

He's started a blog about the process of writing a book of poetry. I hope to follow it as Roy guides us through the steps taken to do this. His blog can be found here.  He's only posted twice, two consecutive Sundays, so I'm guessing it's gonna be a Sunday kind of thing.

Poets can assemble a book of their poems in different ways. There might be a theme of some kind--transportation, childhood, coming of age, job-related, love, tragedy--any number of choices. Or, it could be just a crazy quilt assembly with the theme coming through in each section rather than the entire book.

If the poet is prolific and has hundreds of poems to choose from, how in the world does he/she do it? I think all writers have their own favorites and those are the ones that will be selected. The ones that shine through the stacks of poems written over years.

Have you ever thought of putting a book of poems together? Do you have enough poems in your files to make up a full book? Poetry books are often short so perhaps you do. Here's a book with blank pages for you to get inspired.

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